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Records Storage Services LaceyLooking for document record storage services in lacey? Information is one of the most important resources of a company. Office documents consist of significant company records including customer information, employee accounts, and other business-relevant data. Information such as these requires proper documentation and organization. They can be recorded through a computer or store them in a filing cabinet. Sounds easy? Better think again.

Storing documents take not only putting them in one place. They could accumulate into large amounts over time and they might need bigger storage. Also, they contain sensitive information that should be kept in a secure accessible location. Businesses that prefer paper documents must protect them from other environmental disasters like floods, fire, and other natural occurrences. Protecting office records and documents while keeping them organized will help run business workflow smoothly and increase data security.

Records Storage Services Lacey WAHere at DoxVault, we provide storage services for our valued clients. Our clients identify which documents are needed to be secured. Then these are transferred and stored in our safe and secure off-site facility. Our storage facilities are built to protect documents from fire, water, temperature, and other environmental factors.

Our team doesn’t only store them in filing cabinets, we organize records with unique labels for quick location and retrieval. Then these documents are securely protected by our Consistent Chain of Custody. All documents comply with the privacy regulations like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Offline documents are available through the digital service Sharefile™ complete with an in-depth authorization process for access.

Our backup and offsite record storage services is not just a place to store and keep your records. We have maximum data security, environmental disaster protection and control, high-speed record accessibility and retrieval, all there and more. We assure you that you can trust our document management experts with your records. Now you can rest from worries and have a peace of mind while running your business smoothly.

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