Scan previously printed papers, certificates, contracts, and other documents with our professional document scanning service. Our team will take your paper-based workflows and convert them to digital files for storage on the computer or the cloud. Our clients choose this solution as it provides an optimal balance between quality of output and cost considerations.


Our employees are trained professionals who offer expertise in scanning techniques, image enhancement, metadata editing, and business process efficiency. We make scanning your documents quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Scanning documents into the digital world can be a significant cost-saving, space-saving, and time-saving strategy. We scan everything from invoices and receipts to blueprints and books for easy indexing, retrievable storage, and quick access. Documents are scanned by one of our finely tuned scanners, converted into editable text via OCR (optical character recognition), and saved in an industry-standard format like PDF or TIFF.


Doxvault will preserve your hard work faster than ever before! With our service, you’ll never have to worry about long wait times at a copy center or wasting time looking through stacks of files in order to find your essential records.

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