With DoxVault, there’s no need to worry! Our Microfilm conversion process ensures the durability of your company’s precious records by taking the utmost care with each digital conversion. More than just a solution for busy, modern life, digital transformation offers environmental benefits as well.


When these documents are converted to digital, the fantastic scanning technology successfully captures the original content and transfers it to a digital file. The document can then be eaily stored so you don’t have to worry—you can reaccess the original content whenever you need it.

With microfilm conversion, you won’t have to worry about your old pictures and artifacts. Your big bulky film reels will become compact files containing all the data you need from every frame on the reel! We offer cost-effective solutions for duplicating your most essential documents and records, saving you time and money.


Our professional touch ensures that all data is captured accuratelyand indexing never creates duplicate entries in your database; our quality control provides peace of mind. Turn those piles of dusty film into clean files right away!

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