Are you thinking of retiring from your medical practice? You’ll need to have a solid plan in place for document management when your office closes.


As a retiring doctor, you are faced with the problem of storing your medical documents and records.


Retiring doctors face many challenges when it comes to their documents. They are required to figure out where they should store them and how long they need to keep them for.


We offer a solution for this problem by providing document storage services that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world. Our secure cloud-based software is easy to use and has an intuitive interface that allows users to upload files quickly without IT support. All our document storage solutions are also HIPAA compliant. 

HIPAA Compliant Shredding Solutions  

Some records do not need to be stored after you retire, but that doesn’t mean they should go straight into the garbage. Many medical office records are required by law to undergo a HIPAA compliant shredding process – we offer this service for your peace of mind and convenience! 

We Cover Patient’s Request For Records 

The DoxVault team is here for you. You don’t need to worry about fulfilling record requests when you retire because our members can take care of it all! Our Release of Information process ensures your patients have access to their records so you do not have to worry. Contact us today to get pricing on our solutions for retiring medical professionals.  


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