DoxVault specializes in Digitizing X-Ray film and creating high-quality, accessible images. We are a provider of high-quality professional X-ray reading and scanning services. Our team is equipped with powerful technology that allows us to transform your X-Rays into digital files.


We digitize your analog films into DICOM-compliant images, and with our expert service, you will benefit from faster access to all your X-rays! With DoxVault, you’ll find that X-ray scanning will help your team maintain organization while reducing clutter in your officeContact us about our X-Ray scanning services today!  

At Doxvault, we can scan all types of x-rays

We provide high-resolution X-rays to help you find the best diagnosis for your patients using the latest technology. To improve our service and maintain your trust in us, we offer complete transparency of our security practices, ensuring that each room is encrypted from outside signals.


Rest easy knowing that our X-ray scanning service fully protects your property. Contact us today to learn more about the value we offer when you need inspection services done with speed and efficiency.

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