Some documents needing to be discarded within minutes of receipt; our Shredding Bin is designed for companies of all sizes. The pocket-sized bin features a high-quality shredder built right in, so it’s easy to quickly turn over sensitive information into confetti without ever even setting foot back inside the office. Paper shredding bins are a necessity for corporations; they’re equipped with secure hasps so that the lid can be locked to prevent unauthorized access to documents waiting for shredding. Shredders designed as mailboxes and with high-capacity rolling bins, which move more efficiently towards the paper shredder, are easy ways you can keep your office running smoothly. 

Our shredding containers are perfect for corporations looking to reduce the risk of data and document leaks. Offered in various sizes, colors, and designs, our locked bins blend nicely with any office space while providing security that is unmatched by competitor products. For more options, our sizeable wheeled shredding bins are the perfect fit for busy offices. The contents of the entire bin will be shredded either on location at your business or our secure shredding facility.


In either case, the contents will be shredded by a safe, automated process eliminating the need for the material to be handled or sorted by human hands. While we request removing clasps or binders before shredding, there is no need to remove staples or paperclips before loading into one of these containers as they’re safely removed during the shredding process. Contact us today for rates on our shredding containers. 

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