Our self-scan option allows you to scan all your documents and turn them into digital data that is easily searchable, organized, and shareable. Our do-it-yourself scanning service can help you scan and store faster and easier than ever before. For those who need to customize their scan, the do-it-yourself scanning service gives you total control.


With DoxVault, we will take care of all your scanning needs to ensure that no important data is ever lost or misplaced.

With Do-It-Yourself Scanning, we make your scanning process efficient!

Cut out the hassle of bringing your papers to the secretary or stand in line at the copy center with our automated PDF scanning system automatically indexes and integrates into back-office systems. Our customers will enjoy saving time, as well as relieving the administrative burden on your team.


Our team will walk you through which types of items to scan, how to set up your scanner and your computer for the best scanning quality possible, best practices for collecting scanned data, as well as storage tips. We provide all the information you’ll need to be successful with scanning and storing your documents.  

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