DoxVault provides safe and clean storage for your business archival needs. Whether for legal reasons, business archiving, or simply preserving documents for future generations to use in an audit, storing documents can take up space and provide increased security risks. It’s essential to find a secure long-term document storage solution that is perfect for your needs. 

Our Clear, tamper-proof receptacles for storage of unneeded business papers and files create an organized place to store old docs. Our temporary or long-term storage is a highly professional service with options to suit your needs.


Our secure long-term storage solutions provide you with more flexibility and cover all your document needs: from legally required archiving purposes to storing valuable documents for posterity audit. Whether it’s a few boxes of files, an office full of filing cabinets, or entire archives: we can hold them for you securely, giving you peace of mind. Contact us today for an estimate on your document storage needs.

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