DoxVault greatly values people

And this is why we also gained dedicated employees throughout the years. They are critical to DoxVault’s success. Our company is composed of an innovative, visionary and responsible management team. And they are a call away to provide you good quality document management system services.

Chris Cherrett

CEO/ President

Chris Cherrett is the CEO and President of DoxVault. He has filled many positions since he first entered the document management business in 1995. His exposure to multiple disciplines guides him in developing innovative solutions which produce outcomes that simultaneously meet the needs of our clients and company.

Before DoxVault was established, Chris was part of start up company Coastal Business Services Group which owns DoxVault. He has served many positions over the years including Director-of-Operations for the document management line of business and Vice President of Operations. In 2016, Chris was appointed President and CEO of CBSG; he provides leadership and direction to increase capacity and capabilities for the company’s two lines of business — DoxVault and Coastal Custodial.

When Chris isn’t spending his free time with his wife, daughter, and two dogs, you’ll find him golfing, kayaking, or camping.

Karl Duprey

Sales Manager

Karl DuPrey is the Chief Sales Manager at DoxVault, where he guides companies in choosing document storage services that are cost-effective solutions. He specializes in foreseeing a company’s distinct needs and customizing document management plans accordingly.

For over 10 years, Karl has been proudly climbing the corporate ladder, serving as a project consultant and developer in multiple departs as well as a curator for document management solutions. He has also directed support and development for some of DoxVault’s IT projects.

Karl has always been a go-getter. He coached football for over 15 years and now serves as a volunteer coach while helping his son and two daughters improve their sports skills.

When he’s not working or spending time with his family, Karl enjoys taking care of his four fish aquariums — one of which is in his office. In the past, he helped Petco’s aquatics department become the top grossing aquatics department in the nation.

At DoxVault, client satisfaction is at the center of Karl’s goals. He is always ready to answer questions and talk about DoxVault’s superior plans whether it’s via phone or email.

Deb Mcleod

Assistant Operations Supervisor

Deb McLeod is the Assistant Operations Supervisor for DoxVault. For over 6 years, her unique insight has resolved some of our clients’ toughest document management challenges. At DoxVault, Deb’s welcoming personality and dedication to knowing our clients personally has driven customer loyalty – turning many businesses like Simpson into lifelong clients.

Handling the complex aspects of client accounts is a responsibility Deb takes very seriously. As an Accredited Tax Advisor, she ensures businesses comply with tax laws, helps them create a comprehensive business plan, and much more. Deb is also a certified tax preparer by H&R Block and Liberty Tax as well as a certified Word Processing specialist.

In her spare time, Deb enjoys several mediums of art from decorating cakes to DIY projects that including building, constructing, designing, and tiling.

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